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Consider Giving a Compliment

compliments etiquette positivity Nov 07, 2023

I have a friend who whenever she greets me always begins with a compliment. For the longest time I would lap this up until I realized that she did the same with everyone. Somehow it no longer seemed special yet every time she paid me a compliment, my spirit was lifted. I know she says the same thing to others but her compliments always make me feel happier. Why? Well research proves that compliments give us a hit of dopamine that causes our brains to transmit feelings of satisfaction and pleasure. ( It’s why social media has the ‘like’ button - positive reinforcement make us feel good).

If in doubt, take a look at British comedian Milo McCabe who goes by the name Tony Hawke. The self-described “moustachioed motivator of the high street” is the founding (and currently sole) member of the Greeter’s Guild who dons a smoking jacket, and stands by store entryways or strolls the streets of the UK greeting people with compliments as they go. Some people look a little befuddled but most tend to get a smile on their face as he delivers non stop compliments from the straightforward “Your sunglasses are fabulous” to the more witty, “You have a wonderful pre-pubescent Kurt Cobain vibration about you’

Hawke is a dopamine pusher of sorts, creating little bits of joy as he goes. Think about giving a compliment today and see how someone reacts. And note that giving can be just as good as receiving. Many of us hesitate to give a compliment because we are not sure how it will be taken, but try it. Try telling your barista that they make the best coffee or a colleague that you appreciate the way they supported you recently. It shows that we see people and we are paying attention.

If you want to spice up your compliments, check out Tony Hawke as he strolls the streets of Notting Hill.


Images courtesy of Troy Hawke. 

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