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Sharon KazanĀ 

As a Senior Executive, Innovator, and Winemaker/Owner, over a successful business careerĀ I have hosted thousandsĀ of meetings and hundreds of seminars with countless executives. My success comes from my people skills, work-ethic, and ability to connect and to see opportunities and make them happen.

I was nominated as one of Worth Magazineā€™s ā€™29 Most Groundbreaking Women Changing the Worldā€™ in 2019 and ā€˜Nine Women Who Changed the Wine Worldā€™ in 2022.Ā  I have participated in five start-ups, founded three of them, yet I have never been more inspired and motivated to use my experience to help millions of young people thrive.Ā This was the impetus for launching Business-Uncorked.


Sarah Lonsdale

Iā€™ve spent a lot of time outside cultures looking in - growing up in England, studying in Paris, nine years working in Tokyo then a move to Northern California. Observing people and looking for social cues is what has always helped me get by in every new place.Ā 

When I was 11 I went to France on a school trip where I stayed with a family for three weeks. I barely spoke a word of French but I learned the universal art of communicating through smiling, nodding, hand gesturing, really anything to connect with my hosts who spoke zero English. It could have been a disaster but somehow we all managed to communicate. This early trip really instilled in me a sense of common humanity and made me keenly aware that when our verbal language fails, we are still able to communicate through gestures and body language.

I have had lots of different jobs: co-founder of an award-winning design blog, author of two books, Japanese TV host, video producer, writing for magazines, creative brander, and most recently, creative director of a mid-sized company.Ā  All of which has led me toĀ Business-Uncorked.

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